Privacy Policy

Effective Date: June 2014

Our community members' privacy is more than important to us. It's very important to us. It's very, very important us. It's very, very, VERY important to us.

We're assuming that you think privacy is important, too.

So we're providing this Privacy Policy to ensure that everyone fully understands how we collect opinions, what we do with that data, and how we safely store private information.

When members join our community, it's the same as saying, "Yes, I agree with the terms and conditions stated in this Privacy Policy". Which means that if you don't like what you read here, don't join us. We'll be sad, but we'll understand.

And if you have any questions, contact us anytime at: We're here for you.


Your Full Circle Team

P.S. Over time, we may change our Privacy Policy's terms. When that happens, we'll post a notice on the Survey Roundtable website home page for 30 days. We'll also change the Effective Date you see above. And just in case, we will send all members a Survey Roundtable email alerting them to a change.


Every Survey Roundtable member joins by opting in, twice. Whether members sign up directly at the Survey Roundtable website, or are invited via one of our high-quality website partners, they must first agree to join our community by clicking a link. Once we receive that confirmation, we send an email requesting a second confirmation, which requires potential members to click a link again. In the research world, this is called the "double opt-in process". It ensures that Full Circle's community members are there because they want to be, not because they were tricked under false pretenses.


Whenever a member wants to unsubscribe from our community, we oblige. We have three easy ways from which to choose:

Once a member has unsubscribed, membership is considered "deactivated". This means, other than those already cued in the system, members won't receive any new survey invitations. Know that personal information is stored indefinitely, but it remains under the same level of protection as all of our active members'.

Also know that, while we can't delete personal information that's been archived, members have the right to ask us to delete any data in our live database. Give us 30 days to honor this request, once it's email to


We collect information from our members for research purposes, only - anything else would be unethical. We use the information that our members provide to fulfill requests, respond to inquiries, invite survey participation, fulfill earned rewards, and deliver pertinent news and updates. We also use the information to match members with surveys that meet their interests.

To achieve this, we collect two types of information:

  1. Personally Identifiable Information (PII), which is first and last names, home addresses, work addresses, email addresses and phone numbers. This is data that members give us because we ask for it in the registration process.
  2. Non-personally identifiable information, such as other demographic information and/or information about hobbies, interests, and product and/or service usage. Also in this category are members’ user names, passwords ("Login"), IP address, and website browsing patterns. This is data that we collect at registration, too, but also as members participate in our surveys or ask us about our surveys.

Demographic information includes data such as your age, gender, zip code, and income. Profile information includes data such as occupation, shopping habits and favorite movies. We then use this information to determine a member’s eligibility for specific surveys, as well as match members to specific surveys, for a more tailored, meaningful survey experience.

Sometimes our partners provide us with a list of email addresses, and ask us to reach out to the address’ owners on their behalf, to request survey participation. Also, where you have given one or more of our data partners’ previous consent, we may request more PII or non-personally identifiable information from our members or from where the data is publicly available.


To ensure the quality and integrity of the data we provide to our clients, it is vital that Full Circle ensures the information provided by its members is correct. Our verification process includes validation by a vetted third-party partner, which receives members' first names and phone numbers, only.

This third party validates members' information via a very short (typically two-minute), non-invasive telephone call. Once we receive the validated information from them, we confirm demographic profile information. This is a double-check of the information already provided in the registration path after membersdouble-opted into our community.


We follow generally accepted industry standards to protect visitors' and members' information. Stored data is protected by a combination of firewalls, intrusion detection systems, data encryption and physical security. Know that the protection of information disclosed or transmitted online cannot be guaranteed. Nor can Full Circle be held responsible for the theft, destruction or inadvertent disclosure of personal data.

Users who are directed to sites beyond or via email communications from us and/or links on our site, must be aware that we have no control over those sites' privacy policies, cookies, etc. We cannot guarantee the security of personal information collected anywhere but or

Third-party sites may display pre-populated data fields with your personal information filled in - that information is NOT available to that third-party UNLESS you submit the form or take other actions on that site.

Single sign-on services, such as third-party social networking logins (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), allow members to link their profiles to their Full Circle community accounts and post Full Circle content directly from and Note that this grants Full Circle access to certain profile information, such as profile pictures, friend lists, etc.


By clicking on and, visitors authorize the use of certain technologies to track their experiences. (In the case of cookies, below, expiration occurs after one (1) year.) We employ this technology for many reasons. Here's why, and how:

  • IP Addresses. The computers of Internet users are automatically assigned a number. It's called an "IP address". Every web server then uses that address to enhance a user's experience, collect information about a user’s preferences and habits, and determine if a user is complying with a website's privacy policy and/or terms and conditions.
  • Click-stream Data. When users click on different pages on a website, site owners can collect what's called "click-stream data". Full Circle collects this information, which includes the page clicked, how much time was spent there, the type of browser used to get there, etc., to uncover which of our contents is most popular with our members, what type of visitors we have, and the like.
  • Cookies. A popular form of tracking, Full Circle uses cookies (transferred pieces of information from our server to members'/visitors' computer hard drives) for a number of reasons:
    1. We save our members' preferences - now members don't have to re-key in information such as their user names or passwords every time they log in.
    2. We identify our members as members. The cookie-technology for this process is called Flash, does not contain any personally identifiable information, and may be partnered with other Full Circle cookies to give a more comprehensive view of our members' profiles.
    3. We use the data cookies collect to improve our websites, tailor members' experiences, learn how many visitors we have, and more.
    4. We keep visitors up-to-date with survey opportunities - if visitors to our sites do not join our community, we can use cookies to alert our website publishing partners that they may have an interest. These particular cookies do NOT track any personally identifiable information (PII), but they do allow these publishers to send Internet advertising about current opportunities.
    5. We use third-party technology to better track our brand awareness studies. These cookies signal to us when members visit third-party sites that use a supported web-based advertising network. The information transferred is limited PII, which may included certain demographic data and a coded user identification number. This process helps our clients identify how effective their Internet advertising is - they use the signals to determine if users "click", based on the ads.
    6. We allow our panel recruitment partners to use cookies for payment verification purposes during the registration process. These cookies are beyond our control, nor do we have access to them. This means that this privacy policy does NOT cover those cookies.
  • Clear Gifs (Web Beacons/Web Bugs). These tiny graphics track Web users' movements via a unique identifier embedded into HTML files (unlike cookies, which are stored on a computer's hard drive).These files are most often emails generated by Full Circle and/or Survey Roundtable. As recipients open the email, we collect information on the effectiveness of the communication. Gifs are also used to confirm payment for third-party partners. To no longer receive messages from us via email, click the "Unsubscribe" button included in every communication.
  • Digital Fingerprinting. This is another type of unique identifier ("Machine-ID") that identifies and tracks computers. We work with a third-party partner that does NOT collect PII or track online activities. This technology simply ensures the integrity of survey results. This relationship means that we may link members' digital fingerprint to their PII, may share that fingerprint with our clients and other vendors. We may also receive fingerprints from third parties. Note that this Privacy Policy protects all unique identifiers we receive and/or obtain.


With all due respect, we don't want information from children under 13 years of age UNLESS a parent or legal guardian gives us expressed permission to capture it. If we discover information given to Full Circle and/or Survey Roundtable without a parent's or legal guardian's permission, we'll immediately delete the data.

We don't have anything against kids (having quite a few under 13, ourselves), but we do believe in protecting children's rights and our integrity.


The purpose of our Refer-a-Friend Program is to (a) grow our community; and (b) reward our members with additional points for helping us do so. When members submit friends' and family members' email address to us, we send those addresses one (1) email invitation to join us. We store these email addresses in order to track if any of the recipients then register for our community, thereby allowing us to award the member. We do NOT disclose these emails to any third parties. We do NOT send any other emails to the referred addresses UNLESS they opt-in to receive them.

If friends and family members would like their information removed from our live database, simply ask them to send their request to


We do NOT rent, sell, or share our members' PII with other people or organization unless a member has given us permission to do so. HOWEVER, the information our members provide is a legally recognized business asset of Full Circle. Therefore:

  • Should another company buy or acquire whole or part of our company, said information could potentially be transferred to the purchaser or new controller. In this instance, all of our members will be notified in advance and given the opportunity to request that their PII not be included in the transaction.
  • Should it be necessary to share information in order to investigate or prevent fraud, or to take action regarding illegal activities, situations involving potential threats to the physical safety of any person, violations of Full Circle's terms of use, or as otherwise required by law
  • Should the law require it via subpoenas, court orders, or legal process, or to establish or exercise our legal rights or defend against legal claims
  • Should we be monitoring our compliance with our own Terms & Conditions, we may use members' PII and/or non-personal identifying information, as necessary


Our surveys and service-related notices (i.e., site maintenance) are sent to our members via electronic notification, which can include email, social media, mobile phones and/or SMS. Members have the opportunity to select which method(s) they prefer once they are accepted into the community via the Login path.